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tubingAALLOY ENGINEERING has proven itself by supplying to key/top players in various industries for TUBING supplies. We pride ourselves as the industry best, by adhering to the tightest tolerances, consistency, and surface finishes as required by key Oil & Gas owners.

AALLOY TUBES = Safety….Quality….Reliability

AALLOY works with only the TOP suppliers of quality tubes worldwide. We are only a call away for all kinds of tube requirement, be it special alloy material, coil tubes, multi-core, umbilicals, Electro-polished, Ultra High purity or Sulfinert Coated tubes.

All our high quality tubes are from EC, USA, Japan and Korea origin with 100% traceability on all instrument tubes.

We offer comprehensive list of tubing from stock in the following alloys:


  1. Instrument Tubing
  2. Control Line Tubing
  3. Capillary Tubing
  4. Chromatography Tubing
  5. Coil Tubing
  6. Pre-insulated Tubing
  7. Heat Trace Tube Bundle
  8. Clean Tubing (Ultra High Purity)
  9. Electro-Polished Tube
  10. Multi-Core Tubing
  11. Umbilicals
  12. Sulfinert Coated Tubes (Silconert)
Stainless Steel Nickel Alloys Duplex & Titanium Copper
304/304L 200 Duplex 31803 C122
310/310S 201 Super Duplex 32750
316/316L 400 Titanium Grade II
316Ti 600
317L 625
321 825
904L C22
6Mo C276